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Educational Philosophy of FLL

Philosophy/Values of FLL

The USSH proposes these values in its Educational Philosophy, includes: Whole Person – Liberal – Multi Cultural Education. On that basis, FLL Educational Philosophy is created with 4 criteria: Scientific, Modern, Traditional and Practical

  Scientific FLL aims to build a strong team of scholars, to renovate and update regularly the academic programs, and to concentrate in the research activities to become a significant research center of Vietnam.
Modern FLL aims to have modern academic programs and modern teaching methods, to use and exploit the new technology for teaching, learning and researching for turning a modern, respectful academic institute which can be compared with the high-ranking faculties in the region.
  Traditional Contents of research and teaching focus on the problems of the nation, for the benefit and sustainable development of the nation. FLL endeavors to provide the students with the profound knowledge of the nation and to cultivate the national spirit in them.
  Practical Contents and training objectives help students easily find a job, response the diverse needs for human resources of society.

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