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Some of the similar in poetry of new moon’s faction and the romantic poetry movement in Viet Nam

Dinh Phan Cam Van, PhD

(HCMC University of Pedagogy)




  There are several steps which change vigorously in a strong way when going in to the Chinese modern literature and Viet Nam. In Chinese schools are being opened , allegation rises in literature organization very fast, states break through both in thought and art. The atmosphere in Viet Nam is not lively as Chinese, however is still has some parts, new trends in literature bring a face renovation for home country. The most we concern is that the romantic poetry movement start in two countries where confucianism have dominated for a long time. Some of the similar in poetry of New Moon’s faction and the romantic poetry movement in Viet Nam that has regulation of literature foundations which have passed middle stage and going in to the modern times. We like to emphasize the East’s lasting value ,however in the Chinese poetry modernize and Viet Nam. The more the modernize process like Europe the more good ,is it right ? It is how the Chinese’s countries receive Europe cultural. The renew process is not the process that lost our self. We will state in detail about New Moon’s faction matters and Viet Nam’s romantic poetry movement in our topic .

Phan Khôi and the New Wave in Vietnamese Poetry

Lai Nguyen An



Phan Khôi (1887-1959), journalist and scholar, was seen as the pioneer of the New Wave in Vietnamese Poetry, opening the movement of renovating the Vietnamese poetry, one among many events during the process of modernization of Vietnamese literature in the beginning of the 20th century. This paper tries to show facts – in which less have been known by the public – about the relationship between Phan Khôi and the dynamism of the New Wave in Vietnamese Poetry, about Phan Khôi's reaction against followers and opponents of this movement in poetry (1932-1941). While carrying out the analysis on Phan Khôi's personality, about the interaction between many factors related to his generation and his poetry creation, we can see Phan Khôi's tendency in logical thinking compared to his affective thinking; in lyrical poetry, Phan Khôi seemed to be familiar to the traditional style and less acquainted to the modern one. Thus, as the first to launch the movement and still being seen as an indefatigable element of encouragement of the New Wave in Vietnamese Poetry from the beginning to the latest achievements of this movement, Phan Khôi has acted not as a poet finding a new space for his own poetic language but basically as a social activist in front of the necessity to make the Vietnamese Poetry free from the old oppressive limits, thus opening the new linguistic spaces that suit the expression of the emotional expressions or Vietnamese people in the beginning of its modernization.

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