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The stress in Vietnamese language

Đặng Ngọc Lệ1Huỳnh Công Tín2
(1PGS.TS. Trường Đại học Văn Lang, 2TS. Trường Đại học Văn Lang)


     Stress is the result of pronunciation activity that emphasizes a sound component (Syllable) of a unit of language in communication – speech or singing. In polysyllabic languages, as in European languages, most words have two or more syllables, so words usually have fixed stress in a certain syllable, according to the habits of native speakers; although stress can sometimes be altered, clicking on a suitable syllable depends on the intention of the speaker or contexts. Vietnamese is an isolating language, though there are also many multi-syllables words, it is still a combination of monosyllabic elements, so stress is not studied much. But in Vietnamese language studies, Professor Cao Xuan Hao is a minority of people interested in the specific type of accent in Vietnamese. That is the word stress in the utterance.

Keywords: stress, polysyllabic, monosyllabic, Vietnamese, Cao Xuan Hao.

Source: Van Lang University Journal of Science, N07 (2018).

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