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BA Program specification in Literature and Linguistics

1. Awarding Institution USSH, Vietnam National University – Hochiminh City
2. Teaching Institution Faculty of Literature and Linguistics, USSH, Vietnam National University – Hochiminh City
3. Name of the Final Award Bachelor of Arts in Literature Program
4. Program accredited by VNU-HCM
5. Program title B.A. Program in Literature

6.Expected Learning outcomes of the program

The BA in Literature is aimed to provides its students with general knowledge of humanities, field-basic and field-specialized knowledge of literature and arts; equip students with thinking methods and practical skills to solve social and scientific field-related problems; constructing and strengthening their virtues such as faithfulness to their country, pride of their people, willingness to serve the society, and ability of self-learning during their entire life. All graduates of literature must have the mutual PLOs of “having extensive and profound knowledge of their major, satisfactory working skills, and quick adaptability to jobs in the fields of culture and literature”. Graduates of specific career orientations will have different PLOs that suit their future career’s need.

7. Relevant subject benchmark statements and other external and internal reference points used to provide information on program outcomes

USSH has clearly stated Admission Conditions as follows:

            + The result of the National High School Graduation Examination must not be lower than the minimum total score required by MOET;

+ High school graduation diploma;

+ The total GPA of 3 high school years (grade 10, 11 and 12) has to reach 6.5 or higher

The candidates who have applied to for the FLL must get at least the required minimum total score of the 3 subjects (set by USSH) from the National High School Graduation Examination results (since 2015 or the University Entrance Examination before 2015) for two fixed groups of subjects they choose. These are Group C and Group D (C: Literature - History - Geography; D1: Mathematics - Literature - English); The intake criteria require the candidates to have good knowledge background of literature, which is a prerequisite for them to apply for a place in FLL and the department of literature. The double score of Literature exam result in the student intake contributes to the selection of the gifted candidates is essential.

8. Date of program specification review July, 2014 (revised)

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