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Studies on Vietnamese and Korean Literature and Films

Truong Tuu’s Sociological Method In Literary Criticism

International Conference: “Studies on Vietnamese and Korean Literature and Films in the Context of Globalization”

Name: Hoàng Thị Hiền Lê

MA., Hanoi National University of Education

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Truong Tuu’s Sociological Method In Literary Criticism


With a huge number of compositions from literature, culture to critical research, Truong Tuu is considered a great critic, a talented literary researcher. Up to now, his compositions have not been fully and comprehensively acknowledged. Looking back on the past journey, it is necessary to study Truong Tuu from a more thorough and sharp perspective. In the early years of the twentieth century, Truong Tuu appeared as a pioneer in search of new ideas, new principles for life and literature. His ideas have been absorbed from many tendencies such as Marxism,Freud’s psychoanalytic theories, ... from which he proposed the socialization tendency in literary and cultural research. This is shown in his works such as Vietnamese Sutra Poetry (Vietnamese Kinh Thi), Summary of Modern Vietnamese Literature, Psychology and Thought of Nguyen Cong Tru, The Tale of Kieu and the Nguyen Du Era….

Studying Truong Tuu's works, we would like  to systematically approach his sociological method which is applied commonly throughout his research. From that he encourages the tendency to criticize socialization in Vietnamese literature and culture in the early twentieth century. The result from this  article is also a springboard for us to find out the concept of sociology in Han Thuyen group - a cultural group that Truong Tuu is the main editor during  in the 40s of the twentieth century.

Keywords: Truong Tuu, Han Thuyen group, method, sociology, literary criticism.