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Studies on Vietnamese and Korean Literature and Films

The application of the world’s ancient tales in Korean films

International Conference: “Studies on Vietnamese and Korean Literature and Films in the Context of Globalization”

Name: Dang Huynh Thao Vi

MA,. Transnational Arts Entertainment Company Limited

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The application of the world’s ancient tales in Korean films


Reading ancient tales with specific motif glasses has long been one of the standards to assess the degree of research within cultural works. However, if one only reads and critiques based on theory, then this is insufficient to accurately assess the entire ancient artistic work. The transformation of the work together with the implementation of morals based on motifs and social commentary through entertainment products in the modern era is what makes the entertainment attractive, reflecting the deep philosophies of the ancient tales. Korean films are such examples! From its beginning through to its development, Korean films have undergone a long progress of revision and adaptation to leave behind many notable achievements. Not only have the had an impact in their own nation but they have also succeeded in influencing many other nations of the world. In particular, when researching on the success of Korean films under the lens of motifs of ancient tales, this paper recognises that every detail, every gesture and every action of the character carries a depth of personality and humanity. This paper will outline the types of motifs of ancient tales from across the world found in Korean films together with its application within said product.

Keywords: Motif, Ancient Tales, Korean Films.